Robert Jordan for adults but better.

The magic and fantasy aspect is on the fringes (so far) so all readers that typically swear off fantasy as a rule... this is the exception.

Lots of twists and turns that had me squealing out loud. My husband, who is also reading, but is well behind me (I'm caught up, he's on book 2 or 3 maybe) keeps firing filthy looks my way saying 'gah! don't tell me! "
(I get a gold star for not revealing a thing despite my practically exploding with wanting to talk about it.)
Every single time there came a bend in the story, where he could either have done A, B or C...George would find a way to have to plot go tearing off after possibility X, and leave me reading my eyes into bloody mush trying to keep up!
Fantastic - thoroughly enjoying it and I literally cannot wait for the next book.

Thank the lord for miracles- the HBO series should hold me over for a while.