Let me start this by saying, we love Corduroy, we thought this was a classic Corduroy book when we bought this as a yard sale and were unable to open the package to look at them. We know Corduroy, we love Corduroy, you sir are no Corduroy!

Many of these board books suffer from the same problem, they aren't really stories in any traditional narrative sense. We seem to be dropped in to the action mid stride without any context or investment into the character. It's Like My First David Lynch, without the thrills or absurdity.

What do we find out? Well, Corduroy lives alone in a house, an actual full sized house, and his original family is no where to be seen. In fact his entire city is populated by sentient animals and toys, I don't know if this is how Corduroy sees the world, like some sort of a stuffed psychotic, or if this is some sort of parallel universe.

Another issue is the presence of a fire in the middle of the book, there is no closure, you don't see that everyone is all right, and frankly when relying on dogs to put out a fire, let alone drive a truck, seems to be risky at best.

At the end of the book, Corduroy meets up with the ice cream man, and then... nothing. No closure, we are just left hanging, does he get ice cream? Does he like ice cream? Is he lactose intolerant? We will never know. It's like the author just gave up and said "whatever, this is stupid, you figure it out! I am going to cash this check."

I do not recommend.