The Comtee appointed ye 15 day of May to prepare Instructions for the Representatives report the following Draft. To Roy.tll Tyler James Otis Thomas Cushing & Oxen bridge Thacher Esqrs. GENTLEMEN Your being chosen by the Freeholders & Inhabitants of the Town of Boston to represent them in the General Assembly the ensuing year, affords you the strongest Testimony of that Confidence which they place in your Integrity & Capacity. By this Choice they have delegated to you the Power of acting in their publick Concerns in general as your own Prudence shall direct you; always reserving to 1 The committee, which was appointed on May IS, 1764. and which reported these instructions on May 24, consisted of Richard Dana, S

Table of Contents

To the Representatives of Boston, May 24th; Instructions of the town-Independence of the HouseTrade-; Instructions to the agent; 1765-; PACE; To the Representatives of Boston, >September 18th 7; InstructiOIiS of the town-Stamp act; Resolutions of the Town of Boston, September 18th; Appointing a committee to thank Conway and Barre; To the Governor of Massachusetts, October 23d; Answer of the House of Representatives-Stamp act-·; Authority of Parliament-Rights of subjects-Disturbances in; noston; Resolutions of the House of Representatives, Octo-; 12; 13 ';; ber 29th T~; Rights of subjects; To G VV, November 11th; 1',l·ll;on of colonists to the king-Charle~9ghts-Represe; :on-Stamp act-Rights of colonists; To G V, November 13th; Stamp act; To John Smith, December 19th 39; Relation of coJonies to England - Sta'mp act - Rights of; subjects; ITo John Smith, December 20th; Stamp act-Disturbances in Boston; C01VTEiVTS OF VOLl/i}fE I; To Dennys De Herdt, December 20th or·; Al>pointmenl as agent - Acts of I'arlialllent- Trade and; fisheries-Rights of colonisls-Repre!>entation; 1766; To the Town of Plymouth, IVIarch 24th; Reply of the town of Boston; To the Governor of Massa