You and a friend are taken on a trip to become a Jedi Warrior.Master Yoda has called you both and only one of you can become a Padawan for Master Bant Eerin.There is a test to choose between the two.The reader gets to choose their own path.The book does not read like a regular book.In order to move on to the next task, readers have to choose which path to follow.This series will keep the reader engaged and will not make for a boring, regular read.

As a Science Fiction lover, I chose this book because it was something I was shocked to see in the children’s section.I thought it would read out like a regular book, from cover to cover, but was amazed at how much fun it was.The first chapter starts on page 3 and the next is on page 80 and the next on page 151.From page 151, the reader has to pick a number 1-10 and double it, then divide by two and subtract from the first number they thought of.What is left is the next page number to proceed to.It was a fun book to read and I cannot wait to read the remainder of the series.

The story contains elements of space travel and technology that does not exist in the reality.There are droids (robots) assigned to each Padawan fighter and as a new Jedi, the reader gets one of their own.As a Padawan, you even get to pilot your own plane.The hypothesis about mankind’s future is that he is always at war, but mostly with himself.This is seen with the reader’s friend Jaylen, whom Yoda agrees is quick to have a temper.Jaylen is determined to prove himself an excellent fighter even at the expense of his friendship with the reader.Chapters are short which is great.Going back and forth in the book, one would lose their place and train of thought, even a bookmark would prove useless for there are so many paths that can be taken.