Todd Wilbur shares his best-kept secrets for making knockoffs of your favorite drinks-right in your own kitchen and without spending a lot of money. Readers can re-create the delicious taste of America's best-loved brand-name soft drinks, beverages, dessert drinks, mixers, and liqueurs by following Todd's easy, step-by-step instructions. If it comes in a glass, cup, bottle, or mug, it's here for you to clone at home.

Discover how to make your own versions of: * 7-Up&reg * Starbuck's® Frappuccino&reg * Nestea&reg * Sunny Delight&reg * Dairy Queen® Blizzard&reg * McDonald's® Shamrock Shake&reg * 7-Eleven® Cherry Slurpee&reg * Grand Marnier® & Amaretto Plus: Dozens of specialty drinks from T.G.I. Friday's&reg, Chili's&reg, Hard Rock Cafe&reg, Outback Steakhouse&reg, Applebee's&reg, House of Blues&reg, Olive Garden&reg, Red Lobster&reg, Claim Jumper&reg, and many more of your favorite restaurant chains. "

The mission: Decode the secret recipes for America's favorite junk foods. Equipment: Standard kitchen appliances. Goal: Leak the results to a ravenous public."