The world is a dark place, even in daylight.DRAGGED INTO DARKNESS features tales of horror from the subtle to the extreme.The characters are ordinary people who are ripped from their daily routines into a dark world.DRAGGED INTO DARKNESS is filled with characters who are one step from light and a normal existance, and because of this, their lives will never be the same.In THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER, Dr. Gareth Troy empathizes with his tortured patients' disfigurements a little too much.For Grace in PURELY COSMETIC, reaching her target weight is all that matters.In ACCEPTABLE LOSSES, Captain John Clelland has struck the worst of bargains for the lives of allied soldiers.In RUNWAY THREE-SEVEN, Neal is forced to land his crippled aircraft on a runway that can't possibly exist.

DRAGGED INTO DARKNESS will make you clamor for the light.

Originally published in 2003 in paperback.

"Simon Wood is a powerful new voice in the art of dark storytelling. His prose is surreal, unique...and disturbing. The stories in this collection will indeed drag you into darkness—and you'll love every minute of it! A promising debut from a future master of terror.”
— Brian Keene, Author of THE RISING