I have read the majority of Butler's John Coffin series and this is another nice little entry. Short, at 180 pages, these are books to read in conjunction with more serious tomes. Coffin is the head of the Second City police force......Second City is fictitious but is based on the Docklands area of London. In this adventure, a serial killer is at large, preying on woman who do not fit into a particular pattern.....at least it seems that way in the beginning. Killed, sexually assaulted, and dumped in alleyways and roadsides, there seems to be no clue that ties them together. And that clue doesn't show up until the last 20 pages of the book where the whole situation is wrapped up with the identification of the killer. It is not a very satisfactory ending since there is nothing to indicate the who and why of the murderer and a couple of sentences at the end of the book isn't much of a climax. This is not the best of this series by any means but still enjoyable.