Kerri Sullivan has only one more chance to make it to the U.S. Ladies' Figure Skating Olympic Team. The year before, her competitive season was cut short with a knee injury that potentially ended her career, and now there aren’t any coaches who want to work with her, except one. Jake Takeda wants to coach her. He is the same man, who for years, made her painfully aware of the fact that she was a woman as well as a skater. But she wants the gold medal, and she will handle anything that comes her way to get it. With the Olympics in mind, she makes the decision to go to the Japanese city of Matsumoto and work with Jake.
Jake Takeda, the three-time Olympic gold medalist and seven-time world champion men's figure skating champion, is now retired from competitive skating and is working as a figure skating coach in his home city of Matsumoto, Japan. He remembers Kerri from their years together in the senior world circuit and accepts the position as her head coach to get her back to the Olympics. He knows that Kerri winning the gold medal will boost his new standing as an elite coach. But how will he separate his job as Kerri’s coach from his desire for her as a woman? A year in Japan will let them both know if it is worth it to go for the gold.