With "The Subject Is Writing, " Wendy Bishop helped thousands of students gain a better understanding of the writing process by asking them to read and write about writing as a topic. Now, Bishop presents "The Subject Is Reading, " offering students new insight into the place of reading in their writing.

"The Subject Is Reading" features sixteen chapters and five student literacy narratives in which the authors address what it means to be a reader in college. They ask writers to remember how they first came to read and to explore what that predicts for their literacy futures. Some essayists examine television, film, and culture in general; others consider reading as a process, exploring what readers believe, how teachers and students read texts, and how revision is a form of active reading. Still others ask provocative questions about collaboration and information technologies. Overall, students will better understand the reading process itself and the ways reading affects their production of written texts. Hint Sheets are included to support both teachers and students.

"The Subject Is Reading" is intended for first-year writing courses in which students study reading, writing, and literature. Instructors of introductory literature courses as well will appreciate the way these authors encourage students to use interactive reading strategies and different theoretical perspectives.