"Bears on the Road to Damascus presents a mad hodgepodge of the real and the fantastic, a literary buffet designed to please several palates.

In this collection of short stories and essays, often macabre and always touching, strange tales of terror, love, absurdity, violence, loss, and conviction await. Just when things may seem a bit bleak, charming folk tales emerge to inspire and delight. The title story tracks a convoluted murder mystery in the beach town of Santa Roma, a strange place where the ocean hints at favors—but makes no promises.

This collection contains a first-person account of occupying a campus administration building in protest along with hilarious, satirical news articles; a long-lost script of Sarah Palin’s Alaska; and a heartfelt essay examining our place in history, and the path forward.

With a little something for everyone, Bears on the Road to Damascus is an indescribable and peculiar adventure into pure imagination."