Originally published in 1996.

To an outsider, the peaceful town of Cutler, Colorado seems untouched by the troubles of the modern world. But Cutler is as good as any big city at guarding its secrets. And it takes someone who’s lived there a lifetime to unravel its many mysteries. Someone like Fred Vickery.

Seventy-three years haven’t dampened Fred’s enthusiasm for life or his pride in his children, no matter how foolish they may sometimes act. Take his impetuous son, Douglas, for instance. Since his divorce, Douglas has ignored all of Fred’s sage advice about moving on with his life. Douglas is determined to reconcile with Suzanne, even though she’s not at all interested in getting back together.

Now Douglas is the only suspect in the murder of Suzanne’s new boyfriend. But there’s no way Fred is going to sit back and let his son take the rap for murder—no matter what his daughter, his doctor, and the sheriff say. Desperate to clear Douglas of suspicion, Fred turns to the one source that he knows will eventually reveal the truth—the small-town gossip mill.

From the author of No Place For Secrets.