Looking for ideas on how to?

* Choose the right graph to deliver your message

* Simplify your graphs for maximum impact

* Ideas for graphs that reinforce and enhance the information displayed in your primary graph

* Bring consistency and clarity to your overall dashboard

* Select optimal filters to maximize audience flexibility including when and why to select each one

The Rapid Dashboard Reference Card gives you 64 great ideas to improve the quality of your communication with graphs and bring clarity to your dashboards! The Rapid Dashboards Reference Card is designed to aid dashboard developers and consumers in selecting optimal visual elements for their dashboards. With 64 illustrated tips on just 4 pages (2 double-sided, laminated pages) you will find this invaluable in every step of dashboard development, from your initial dashboard development to the final review process. Each tip vividly illustrates good usage practices and offers brief descriptions of when and how to best utilize each dashboard element. Save time, expand your horizons and simply enjoy reviewing the card for brainstorming sessions!

Created by the analytics training team of Freakalytics, LLC, this card has been developed based on extensive dashboard training experience with hundreds of clients around the world! Freakalytics is the founding Tableau Software Education Partner and we are also on the Faculty of the American Marketing Association. While these examples are illustrated using Tableau Software they are relevant for dashboard designers using a wide variety of dashboard toolsets.