Phoenix Soars (Book 3 of 4)

Before the world of Facebook, Chat Rooms and Blogs, there were online communities called Bulletin Boards…

Beth Lynn is totally in love with The Keeper, AKA Scott Reiner, who runs the computer BBS The Lighthouse. Unfortunately, obstacles stand in the way of true love. Changes are ahead for the young teacher—some that will bring Beth to her knees. A job is lost, a friend is taken, and her BFF is changing right before her eyes. It is within the test of the flames that Beth finds a way to trust and realizes her deepest desires.

* The third part of Beth’s journey tests her resolve. From jealousy, trials, and outrageous BBS parties, Beth is about to face it all. The Phoenix Series chronicles the love story of Beth and Scott, two computer BBSers who meet in the 1980's. Obstacles lie ahead for the young couple and a tragic event stands at the end that will deeply impact Beth’s life.

For you see, she is a Phoenix ~ her future requires the flame.