Whether a cartoon uses universal humour, topical reference or sophisticated satire, the function of the cartoon is to put the point across directly and economically, so the cartoonist not only needs well-practiced drawing skills and a technical understanding of how to create visual impact but also an eye for the humorous potential of a situation, the telling detail or the significant moment. This book covers all these different aspects of the cartoonist's art. In the A-Z of techniques, specially commissioned artwork and step-by-step demonstrations show how to use pen and brush drawings, tonal shading and colour in a variety of expressive ways. Learn how to create a convincing cartoon character through body language, foreshortening and movement. The same detailed investigation explores animal subjects and backgrounds, while other sections study ways of focusing the image, creating space and depth by perspective, and selecting a view point that enhances the 'story'. The book also looks at inspirations for your work, and how to translate real life events into cartoons. This comprehensive reference book takes a thorough but entertaining approach to this popular art, enabling every aspi