"What's Below Your Tummy-Tum?" is a book that gives parents, caregivers and childcare professionals a tool, for empowering children to have a voice for whole body awareness. The cartoon like characters Lotus and Nesh bring to life a sensitive topic in an interactive way. Through the use of color, breathing and repetition both reader and child are engaged throughout the book. This book is targeted for children from 2-5 years of age, but not exclusively. An adult can identify, with this book as it relates to the inner child in many. The Ages 2-5 are critical years, where children are being potty trained, which makes it the perfect time to introduce this book. This book brings attention and dismisses the taboo of not only body parts but the personal responsibility of a child being aware of positive touch to their own body. "What's Below Your Tummy-Tum?' gives the adult a support in opening and having a clear dialogue for conversations. It makes it CLEAR, without FEAR and NO MORE SECRETS.
The book brings Rhyme and Reason to setting boundaries within a child's personal space. The child and reader identify the "safe" adults in their life and agree to those individuals. This is unlike any other book, as it is for both male and female. This book is also playful, fun and interactive for all children. "What's Below Your Tummy- Tum?' brings light and promotes prevention to what many children have experienced in darkness.

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