Even though this series is for juveniles, I have been enjoying it, and it is very entertaining....however, I have been bothered by some things in the book, and this one really brought those things to the forefront. This is supposed to be Christian fiction for juveniles. The main characters go to a Christian school...... yet several of the kids go to a party where there is alcoholic beverages and pot brownies. The main character, a minor, has an adult female chasing him and trying to seduce him. Boys talk about wanting to have sex with certain girls..... what bothers me most, is the author doesn't do anything to portray these behaviors as wrong for the most part. I don't think I'd want my just turned teenage nephew to read this book...... the book just presents too much bad behavior for any teenagers to be, but especially kids from a Christian school. I am bothered enough by this that I may quit reading the series. The idea is a neat idea, and not every person must be a Bible quoting Christian, but most are not.... and most engage in behaviors that are not fully condemned in the book. It could give some kids the wrong ideas and almost encourage them to try some things they should never try.