Roanoke Virginia wasn't exactly Mae's dream...being a Hollywood movie star was. The only one she shared that dream with was her brother, Jeff...but one day, when their mama was too drunk to turn a new trick, Mae and Jeff's life changed course forever. In that one moment, all of her dreams were shattered...Jeff left town with his own secret...and then there was Roy. Dan Cerrico had his dream of being a decorated New York City cop just like his dad. Now, some thirty years later, the Gold Shield Detective stared into the vacant eyes of the dead young mother, her throat slashed from ear to ear and he that exact moment...if that decision had been worth it. Young mothers with a male child were being brutally murdered by a serial killer running loose in the decadently delicious New York City. At the same time, another man, with his own personal agenda, sets out stalking the killer. It would end the tragedy and put the damaged mind at peace once and for all. A story about families from different walks of life; cities so diverse; interlocking lives otherwise unknown to each other. A sick mind, so diseased but with feelings righteously wrapped in unfathomable fury. One lone dream that keeps haunting the killer until he makes the final choice and alters lives forever. SMILE PRETTY NOW takes us on a journey into a serial killer's mind consumed with madness and into his damaged soul. Does it frighten you to touch on your dark side? To delve into your mind to see what justification you can conjured up to make whatever evil you touch upon correct? Is the smile before the camera clicks one more time worth it? How does the softness of that one petal dropping onto your already cooling body feel?