First published in 1954, Farquharson's Textbook of Operative General Surgery has become firmly established as a classic textbook for trainee surgeons throughout the world. Basic surgical techniques, including the reasons for their application, are discussed. General surgical operations are described and the indications for them are covered. Techniques are described in sufficient detail to allow a surgeon who has limited experience of a particular operation to proceed with confidence and safety. The text is thus also valuable for surgeons practising in smaller hospitals worldwide where specialised advice may not otherwise be available.This ninth edition has been fully updated with many chapters entirely rewritten. New contributing authors in the subspecialties of general surgery bring their own particular expertise to the book. Separate surgical specialties such as plastic, orthopaedic and urological surgery are covered in those areas where there is potential overlap with general surgery. Selected operative techniques in cardiothoracic, gynaecological and neurosurgery are also described as a general surgeon must occasionally operate in an emergency in the absence of the relevant surgical specialist. Advice from surgeons practising in other surgical disciplines has been extensively utilised in these sections. Key features: Fully revised edition of this classic text An unrivalled source of practical advice and information Covers all operations commonly performed by the general surgeon Practical coverage of trauma and emergencies in all surgical specialties Preserves the readable and accessible style so popular in earlier editions Illustrated throughout with over 650 high-quality operative line illustrations and photographsCombining the extensive experience of Margaret Farquharson, daughter of the original author, and Brendan Moran, both practising general surgeons at an acknowledged centre of teaching excellence, the ninth edition of Farquharsons will continue to be an essential addition to the bookshelves of trainee and practising surgeons everywhere.