This is a Christian Meditation Book For Kindle. Our lives are busy. Sometimes we want to set aside time to reflect upon a different set of values, which bring us closer to our Christian vocation. It is possible, but often difficult, to enter into full-time meditation during our regular work hours. Often we find ourselves distracted and carried away by unnecessary cares and worries. Jesus is always calling us to rest in him. We can be confident that where he is, is our peace and joy. This set of reflections is a way to spend a portion of our day, before things get busy, with the One who “first loved us.” He cannot be outdone in generosity. May the Holy Spirit, who guides us to “worship in Spirit and in truth,” guide us and keep us daily in Jesus presence.

To the God of Faith Immortal

My God, I am here before You; You who are my very life, my existence, my everything. I wish to speak to You directly in my prayer. I wish to lift up my soul to You; my Soul that You know well, even from my Mother's Womb. (Ps. 139:10) My being before You, in the light of Your face, means all to me; it is the only real and lasting meaning of my existence. When I place myself before the things in the world they change and I change, but You are the unchanging source of my life, my breath, my future.(Rom. 11:29) This gives me lasting joy. Your friendship surrounds me and supports my many desires to live up to the potential You have placed in me. Yes, the potential of not living for passing things that fail to give eternal joy, like You. This, too, is a mystery to me, but I accept it as being just that, a mystery of Your love for me and others. I know I have to change to become like You. Your grace alive in my heart makes me realize this every moment of my life and I desire to follow You. I am not like the child You desire me to be, but I want to be. (Matt. 18:3) I still want to live my life in the world, but not to be of the world, but living upto the desires of Your Holy Spirit for me. I know the consequences in standing before You, opening my soul to You. You, who can neither deceive nor be deceived. I Love You.