I dunno what to say. Maybe this series is better if you sit down and power through all the collected volumes at once, which is a pretty lengthy read. Paradise X was a big disappointment to me - but similar to Universe X in that it has some interesting points, but they are swallowed up in the lengthy, lengthy narrative that tries to recontextualize all of Marvel's history. But it's not even certain WHICH history is being rewritten.

Apparently, Mephisto is avoiding his inevitable demise by allowing time travel to create infinite alternate dimensions, through which he can live forever. Of course. So...this is a futuristic Crisis on Infinite Earths, Marvel-style? After all, they are pulling a ton of players from these alternate dimensions (called Heralds in this story) to...do something. I don't know what. It's too convoluted for me to keep straight.

Oh, well. I'll try re-reading it some other time.