"Here's the thing, this isn’t going to be some How-Randall-Got-His-Groove-Back midlife crisis tale, and it doesn’t involve fearless kung fu warriors engaged in exotic hand-to-hand combat; it isn’t a swooning ballad to the love of my life, though I truly hope she features in it. This time there are no suave, wise-cracking good guys, no humorless, drug-addled bad guys.
The story I want to tell you is all about how I learned to sleep at night, to close my eyes without seeing cold places and dead eyes… how I dragged whatever was left of me up out of the dark, finally.
That’s the story I want to tell, because that’s the story I need to hear.
I want to know how it ends..."

Returning to normal life after his dark days in the depths of the Jianghu hasn't been easy for Randall Lee. With big changes coming in his future, though, Randall offers to help rehabilitate an injured friend, only to find that the need for healing goes far deeper than he ever expected.

Bridging the events of Jianghu and the upcoming Randall Lee Mystery, The Art of War, Eating Bitter is a quiet story of resilience and perseverance, punctuated with Randall's trademark humor and self-deprecation.