Personal photojournalism ad nauseam - you don't even have to wish you were there, snag a copy of this ebook and just grab a pail of cold water, dip your socks in it, turn on an industrial strength fan, eat too much... and welcome to Thanksgiving vacation on the Oregon Coast!

Okay, not really that bad, but you get the general idea.

My extended family has had an odd tradition to use vacation time to travel to the coast during storm season, usually Thanksgiving. Most of the time they rent the same beach house, although there have been times of using other locations. Occasionally family from far away states come to join in the fun, catching some crashing surf exposure, clouds, precipitation, sand and unpredictable weather along with the immediate family from Eastern Washingon.

This particular photographic essay is the Nordhus-Campbell-Nordhus-Ferguson-Stanley 2014 Seaside Thanksgiving. Eleven adults, five children, two hotel rooms, one beach house, and ninety-odd hours (pun intended) of family togetherness rolled into almost 200 images spanning the local sights, festivities, and family.

If you long for the days you spent with family during the holidays, or want to endure it just for kicks, feel free to come along with us through our journey.