With 17 major championships—including three world titles and five European wins—Martin Hines is the world’s most successful kart driver. Despite opposition from racing purists, he pioneered the sport of superkart racing after founding Zip Karts in 1964, a company that is now the industry’s most influential organization. Martin remained at the forefront of sport innovations throughout his career by developing such competitions as indoor karting and by facilitating drivers on a small budget. In this engaging account, Martin recalls his decades of success in vivid detail, including his discovery and nurturing of such F1 stars as David Coulthard and Lewis Hamilton. He also reveals the personal life behind his kart king persona, including the tragic two-year period in which he lost his daughter, father, and mother, and was told his own life was threatened by a tumor. Packed with heart-racing action and colorful anecdotes, this is the fast-lane life of one of racing’s greatest figures.