Twins Judy and Jimmy Barton crawl into their attic one December day, searching everywhere for the silver star that always sits atop their Christmas tree. Soon their search crosses the path of little Paddy O'Cinnamon, The Cinnamon Bear, who has shoe-button eyes and a ferocious growl. He shows them a small hole through which the Crazy Quilt Dragon had absconded with their star and invites Judy and Jimmy to pursue him into a place called Maybeland, with Paddy acting as their guide. Designed to be heard day by day between Thanksgiving and Christmas, "The Cinnamon Bear" is a delightful, one-of-a-kind children's radio serial first aired in 1937. The series features 26 cliffhanger installments that blend creative audio effects, songs, unique characters, and sparkling dialogue with the very best talents and techniques from the golden age of radio. This seven hour collection, transferred from the original transcriptions and fully restored by Radio Archives, also contains the original audition recording for the series as well as nine sing-along songs from the show.