+Anima is starting to dig in a bit on long running plot points. It's possible to understand things starting here but it's best to go back to the beginning.

This volume features the longest arc for +Anima yet, the five chapter long Maggie Coliseum. Cooro and company stumble upon an opportunity to earn some money when they travel to Maggie Village and their tradition of coliseum fights. But there's something off about their host, and a familiar face from their travels shows up with problems of her own to share...

It's nice to see a somewhat more complex story in +Anima. In addition to some interesting predicaments and questions raised we get more background on +Anima themselves and their origins. This is also an important arc for Rose, as we meet the younger brother she's been working to support. While I would have liked it to get even deeper into some of the sub-plots, there's a good amount of new information here and the tale itself is engaging and well told.

The final chapter, called Little Flower, settles things down a bit again with a peek at the everyday attempts of the group to find work in a new town. I assumed from the title and Senri's collecting habits that this chapter would be about him, but it instead focuses primarily on Nana and Husky. It's a cute Little story with several nice character moments.

So this volume gives us the first long arc of the series, a great deal of new insight into numerous outstanding plotlines and has great spotlight moments for our characters. A very strong installment overall.