Food is meant to be eaten! Let's face it. Most diet food resembles rat poison; either eat it or starve miserably. When we don't diet, we look pregnant with "a food baby." Fortunately, there is a way to eat anything you want and easily maintain a small dress size, no celebrity rehab required. Learn how to stay slim without depriving yourself. Cook delicious, real food with a mix of healthy and "unhealthy" recipes anyone can safely eat. Enjoy country home cooking, dessert, exotic food and fancy cuisine. Impress a significant other with a dinner you cooked, or slim down so you can date a great significant other to impress! With 300 non-diet recipes developed over the course of one year, you will never be hungry again, ready to slip into new size four jeans without using a shoehorn! Select recipes contributed by Rob Anders, Romulo Cueva, Doug Filaroski, Jennie Glass, Ilse Laping, Tammy Meyer, Dmitry Tursunov, Matt Vancil and Martha Zoller.