I've been reading a couple pages at a time of Punk 365 for the past six months. It's fun to dip into it every few days and take a trip down memory lane. I became aware of punk just as it was evolving into hardcore and being superseded by New Wave. I still have a torn rotator cuff from slam dancing at some grungy little dive back in late '79.

There are a lot of great photos from that time which show you exactly how crappy those places were. Half the time there was no one in the place while the rest of the time the crowd was always way beyond a safe capacity. Which was sort of punk in a nutshell, really: full throttle or idling.

The only thing this book doesn't evoke is the smell of the era. All those clubs smelled of stale beer, weed, cigarettes and vomit, and by the early '80s there was also the faint but omnipresent metallic tang of blood. By then I was out of the scene.

The book does sort of lose the plot towards the end when it starts talking about pop stars who have only the most tangential connection to punk. I mean, there was always a serious pop sensibility to the movement, but it never included the likes of Madonna. But for the most part it does cover a nice range of the scene from the early '70s to mid-90s.

I also quite liked how so much information was packed into such a small space, getting across not just the flavor of the punk attitude but little dollops of information. Sometimes these nuggets would pay off many pages later as the other shoe dropped, so you get a nice sketch of a band's arc.

Overall, definitely worth the time.