this story is about a part time maid called katie who has a love life that every girl could have ever dreamt of. she discovers that she has a gift to help her girl friends handle their love lives by teaching them to treat their boyfriend as dogs. she helps rebbeca, her boss,to ditch her worthless boyfriend and helps her find a better man.but she has a very wild friend jessica, jess's brother ronan is a very good cook but also the least experience in love. in my opinion, i felt that this is a good book because the author had made the book easy to visualise the characters with vivid description of every character in the story. the book had easily caught my attention and spurred me to read on to find out what is going to happen next. although this story had alot of the word f*** but this story has alot of heartbreaks and it is most likey used when it happens. and i have learnt that women should never always listen to their man and should put them on a leash to keep them from "making trouble". i really admire katie for being sucessful in her love life. hope that all of you would enjoy this book like i do! happy reading it! ;)