Over 90% of today's human resources departments are not following basic professional standards and accepted business practices. Why? Because the majority of today's HR professionals do not have the proper background, training and experience to direct and manage a professional human resources program. Before you say, "Not in my organization," take the simple human resources job performance and effectiveness test as provided in Part I of this book.

After helping you identify and define your shortcomings, Part II of this book will provide you with a series of documented programs and procedures to show you how to build a structured and successful human resources program. The end product of this process will show you how to restore accountability, productivity, teamwork, and professionalism back into your organization.

It's time to eliminate the passive and outdated human resources management programs and philosophies and replace them with a proactive, interactive and creative program. It's time to discover what a powerful and positive impact the programs outlined in this book can and will have on your organization.