Four weeks is all it takes for everything to end:

Four weeks of Ash Season.

Three weeks of suffocating darkness.

Two weeks to get the supplies you need or die trying.

One chance to get it right.

In a world still trying to rebuild nearly eight decades after WWIII, it's a constant struggle to survive. Especially during Ash Season, the dreaded time every year when deadly gases and darkness descend upon the remaining inhabitants of Earth. Anyone unprepared for Ash Season won't live to see the next one.

The supplies Drake, Kelsie, and the rest of their Guild have spent months stockpiling are stolen only days before the start of Ash Season. Will they try to survive the deadly season by scrounging for whatever supplies they can? Or should they put everything on the line to track down the stolen provisions? If they choose wrong, their entire Guild will face certain death...

MISSION: ASH RUN is a young adult dystopian novella coming in at twenty-five thousand words in length. It does NOT contain paranormal elements since it happens at an earlier stage in the main character's lives than SPLINTER, and is meant to accompany the full-length novel SPLINTER that is also available here.