Here is the book that opens up the science fiction scene to the masters of Western Europe. Gathered together by Donald A. Wollheim, whose annuals of the World's Best SF are considered the most reliable indicators of what is best in the English-language sector, sf readers at last have the opportunity to meet the best sf writers of the Old World and discover for themselves new variations and unexpected approaches to all the themes of science fiction.

In this remarkable collection will be found memorable stories by Gerard Klein, Wolfgang Jeschke, Sandro Sandrelli, Domingo Santos, Sam J. Lundwall, Niels E. Nielsen, Eddy C. Bertin, N.C. Henneberg, and many more, many of whose tales have been translated for the first time for this book.


Party Line by Gerard Klein (France)
Pairpuppets by Manuel Van Loggem (Holland)
The Scythe by Sandro Sandrelli (Italy)
A Whiter Shade of Pale by Jon Bing (Norway)
Paradise 3000 by Herbert W. Franke (Germany)
My Eyes, They Burn! by Eddy C. Bertin (Belgium)
A Problem in Bionics by Pierre Barbet (France)
The King and the Dollmaker by Wolfgang Jeschke (Germany)
Codemus by Tor Age Bringsvaerd (Norway)
Rainy Day Revolution No. 39 by Luigi Cozzi (Italy)
Nobody Here But Us Shadows by Sam J. Lundwall (Sweden)
Round and Round and Round Again by Domingo Santos (Spain)
Planet For Sale by Niels E. Nielsen (Denmark)
Ysolde by Nathalie-Charles Henneberg (France)