In the fourth and final installment of The Georgia Gold Series, the Randalls and Rousseaus rebuild their lives following The War Between the States. Becoming the bride of former blockade runner Jack Randall is doubly challenging for a half-Cherokee girl from the mountains, but Mahala Franklin is determined to not only make a place in old Savannah ... but bring redemption to the Randall name as well as the city's shattered society. Her unique plan enlists the help of Jack's half-sister Sylvie and cousin Ella Beth, both of whom learn that, like Jack and Mahala, love can be found in the most unlikely places.

Meanwhile, battle-hardened Dylan Rousseau returns to the family farm in Habersham County, where his inner wounds threaten to crack him open as surely as the drought-baked earth he must learn to subdue. And somehow he must find a way past his brother's memory into the heart of Mahala's best friend Carolyn, the woman he has always loved. Weaving between them comes the secret promise - or the deadly lure? - of lost Confederate gold. Will it divide them forever and devour a family legacy, or will they emerge from the furnace of afflictions as Bright as Gold?