It's midnight, and Ariel Gold has just arrived on Kiawah Island, a few miles southeast of Charleston, South Carolina. She's come to her grandfather's home for a break from L.A. - from gridlock and drive-by shootings and tremors - and from a problem that is uniquely her own: she is struggling to recover from a total and devastating memory loss. But the weekend will not be the restful hiatus she imagined. Late at night on a deserted stretch of beach, a chance meeting opens a door to the past she seeks. The stranger appears from nowhere, and is stunned to encounter Ariel; he's mistaken her for her sister, whom he's known since childhood - and who he knows is dead. He tells Ariel of their special friendship and, in the telling, reveals himself to be a troubled man, haunted by demons at which Ariel can only guess. Then, as suddenly as he appeared, he vanishes into the night. She couldn't know their brief exchange would pull her into a spiral of tainted old Southern money and family scandal with all the force of a coastal hurricane. For Ariel, following in her sister's shadow is both eerie and compelling, as she digs into the stranger's past in the hope she might learn more about her own. But the deeper she delves into a chilling legacy of high drama, low jealousies and bad blood, Ariel finds the truth can be twisted - and memories can be murder.