This book was very fun and intriguing, even for me as an adult reader. People of all ages have questions about weather that are addressed in this book, such as "What causes the seasons?" and "What makes a tornado twist?" This book is written using very simple language that young readers can understand which makes it even more enjoyable. There are also pictures and diagrams that go along with the questions to help readers get a clarified understanding about different aspects of weather.

There are many uses for this book in the classroom. Teachers can read aloud the answers to different questions in the book, or students can read this book on their own. This book can be used to address the many misconceptions that children have about weather, and a teacher may even find that his or her understanding about weather isn't completely accurate. Students can use the questions and answers in this book as a starting point for a research project about weather. Teachers can also use this book to start talking with students about how different types of weather occur in different places around the world. One of the most helpful things in this book is a list of other books and websites on the last page that students or teachers can use to learn even more about weather.