Jerks, mamas boys, cheaters, cheapskates—I’ve dated them all.

After a series of dating mishaps I decided to take a year off from men to focus on myself. But when I met Jace Stevens, a handsome pro football player, just a few weeks into my challenge I started to rethink my plan.

Of course, my friends all have an opinion about my love life, but I’m not sure who I should listen to. Lucy thinks I need to skip romance all together and just get laid; Madison wants me to do whatever will make me happy; and Reese is hoping I ditch my dating hiatus and try to find Mr. Right.

I’ve been dating since I was 15 and have encountered more liars, cheaters, and emotionally unavailable men than you can count…and I’m tired!

But if I give up now I may miss out on something really wonderful.

Decisions, decisions…what’s a girl to do?

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