Everyone brings a context to their book reviews. Someone who has worked in the fast food industry, for example, brings a very different perspective to a review of Fast Food Nation than someone who hasn’t. For me, I bring two contexts to this review: (1) I broke my rule of always reading the book before watching the film adaptation (Scott Pilgrim vs the World was one of my favorite movies of 2010); and (2) I was (am?) an awkward, video-game obsessed, neurotic-about-girls guy – so I’m sorta pre-disposed to liking this whole graphic novel series – and I absolutely do. These stories are focused on a 23-yr-old boy (certainly not a man when we first meet him) living in Toronto who plays in a band. He is your typical twenty-something slacker: out of college with no ambition, job, or direction for his life – until he falls in love with a girl named Ramona Flowers. His life goal then becomes trying to make this relationship work, even if it means defeating her seven evil exes and his own failed-relationships demons. While there are other significant characters in these volumes, the focus is clearly on Scott. Scott views each conquest (emotionally and over the evil exes) through the lens of video games and the conventions of that activity. The art style is clearly anime-influenced, with very expressive faces throughout. My one criticism of the art styling is that sometimes I had a hard time telling some of the female characters apart when they were together as a group (especially Ramona and Lisa). Fans of the movie will most likely be fans of these books, too, although there are pros and cons in approaching these books in the context of having seen the movie. On one hand, the books go into greater detail in the lives and thoughts of all of the characters (especially Ramona, who was fairly limited and one-dimensional in the movie, but who is much richer as a character in the books). On the other hand, the books feel a bit less focused than the movie did. Overall, however, I found the series engaging, funny, and emotionally sincere. Recommended read.