Based on his novel of the same name, this acclaimed WWII psychological courtroom drama was the sensation of the 1954 Broadway season. The play portrays a mutiny of naval officers aboard the U.S.S. Cainewhose suspicions concerning their captains sanity lead to their rebellion and subsequent court-martial. PRODUCING DIRECTOR SUSAN ALBERT LOEWENBERG ASSOCIATE PRODUCER SUSAN RAAB SIMONSON BY HERMAN WOUK DIRECTED BY GORDON HUNT STARRING (IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER) Captain Blakely JAMES AVERY Signalman 3rd Class Junius Urban/Dr. Bird CHUMA HUNTER-GUALT Lt. Stephen Maryk IAN LITHGOW Lt. Thomas Keefer/Capt. Randolph Southard SCOTT LOWELL Lt. Com. John Challee FRANK MULLER Lt. (Jr. Grade) Willis Seward Keith/ Dr. Forest Lundeen MICHAEL RIVKIN Lt. Com. Philip Francis Queeg DAVID SELBY Lt. Barney Greenwald GRANT SHAUD