It's a very interesting book for those who want to learn a little about trees and the basic on how to identify the most usual species.
The introdution talks about tree classification and the life circle of trees, also teaches you how to identify a tree by her shape, her flowers, her fruits, her bark, her buds or by her leave's shape.
The book offers you an identifier catalogue separated in two parts: Trees of the Temperate World and Trees of the Tropical World. It's presented not by alphabetic order but by "family", each tree has a gorgeous ilustration of the tree and the leaves, a map that shows where in the world this tree is most usually found, a text with curiosities and tips to identify her.
The most interesting curiosity that I read was about the Ice Cream Bean (tree of the Mimosa subfamily) i've learned that it has seed pods that contain a white pulp that tastes like vanilla ice cream!