A New Kind of Warfare
Calls for a New Kind of Guide
Get ready for one of the most intense and cinematic action experiences ever, as the highly acclaimed Call of Duty series advances into the modern era! This essential guide provides everything you need to get the most out of this milestone game: complete walkthrough, detailed maps, exhaustive multiplayer coverage, custom character classes, and much more! Unprecedented Multiplayer Coverage
Our depth of Multiplayer content surpasses any previous Call of Duty title! We show you every aspect of multiplayer gameplay and provide the tools to dominate against human opponents. Complete Walkthrough We lead you step by step through all 19 single-player missions. Area maps, intel laptop locations, alternate routes and flanking maneuvers, and much more. Complete every objective! Access the Unlockables We reveal cool game features, novel play modes, special weapons and attachments, camouflage, challenges, and achievements! That's Not All! Fascinating Real-World Weapon Commentary, Expert Combat Training, and Much More! Platform: Windows PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 Genre: ShooterThis product is available for sale worldwide.