When Joanna and Crispin come across a ragged and confused young man wandering in lonely woods near their home in Shropshire, they believe that he has lost his memory as the result of a fall. But gradually his amazing story is revealed. They discover that he has travelled forward in time more than four hundred years from the turbulent age of Elizabeth I, arriving lost and bewildered in the 21st century.
But why has he been sent to this remote corner of England, and how can Joanna and Crispin help him?
With the aid of a mysterious local woman deeply versed in the lore of natural magic, they journey back with him to an England threatened by invasion from the Spanish Armada, where a dangerous mission awaits – a mission which only they can accomplish.
Albion’s Stone is a dramatic and fast-moving fantasy story in the classic tradition of adventure fiction for young and not-so-young readers alike.