What would a vampire do on "the day after"? How can he survive when the human population is wiped out almost completely in an instant and survivors are contaminated from the nuclear fallout?

When Blaine Kittredge first awakes to the endless dark it seems like paradise, not having to hide at daytime any longer. But the human population is reduced drastically by the catastrophe, and soon he learns that he can't sustain himself with blood that has been contaminated with radiation. Suddenly, he is forced to bargain with the victims he simply used to hunt before. Instead of killing them at will, he now has to control his bloodlust, only taking enough blood to satiate his thirst and ensuring the survival of his victims. Furthermore, he has to provide food and other necessities to keep them healthy, which becomes harder every day with looters roaming the area as well. Bit by bit, Kittredge seems to regain his own humanity and compassion for those he used to hunt without mercy.

A fascinating story, well-written and thrilling to the end. Highly recommendable.