To destroy the darkness, one needs only a single candle.

A simple baker’s assistant, Megan dreams of grand adventure…of danger…of love. Not content with her safe, quiet drudgery, she finds escape where she may, daring when she can to sneak into a library to lose herself among the books, where learning and adventure abound, never imagining the course this small rebellion would set her on.

A creature of the Court, the King's Agent, Quinn Shannon, is out of his element on the common streets. Yet he is sworn to protect the realm against a darkness that threatens to cut the city of Killian from its parent country, Andor, and consume it. Though he sets out with a squad of King’s knights to investigate reports of disturbing occurrences, Shannon is the only one to reach the city gates. He can only wonder how to protect the realm when he cannot even find his way.

As commoner and courtier cross paths, Fate takes a hand in the grandest adventure yet. With Megan as guide, and Shannon as protector, the pair delve into mysteries destined to rattle the kingdom, leaving at least one noble family shattered in their wake. But there is danger inherent in such a quest, and Meghan comes to discover she’s is anything but common as she is imbued with unrealized magic, ancient and powerful, and, above all, dangerous.

Megan only dreamt of adventure…until the day she was called to help rescue the realm. Maybe, just maybe she'll survive... to dream next of reclaiming her simple life.

These are her Salient Dreams.

"It reminds me of Sherlock Holmes in many ways. Of course that would mean Sherlock was a young female bakery maid and Watson is a swashbuckling court wizard. Adding in wizards, necromancy, dragons, and open warfare just ups the ante. Madcap fun, but these authors somehow make it work." - Fantasy Book Critic