This is another humorous episode of Claude and Sir Bobblysock's adventures. The book has nearly 100 pages, but the chapters are short and this could be read to three and four-year-olds on up, however, many of the amusing situations may be lost on the younger child.I would think eight or nine would be the upper end of the reading audience.This would be a great book for grandmas and grandpas to add to their library for an extended time with the grands!

A rather ordinary Saturday is about to turn adventuresome for not only Claude's owners, Mr. and Mrs. Shinyshoes, but Claude and his best friend, Sir Bobblysock.Claude, a small dog who appears to be very tired, amazingly comes to life once the house is empty of people!He immediately bounces out of his cozy bed and plans a trip to the park while Mr. and Mrs. Shinyshoes are off for the day on their own excursions.Sir Bobblysock decides to accompany him, all the while revealing his psychotic fears such as having his hayfever set off by the flowers.The two remind me somewhat of "The Odd Couple" with Claude being happy-go-lucky while Sir Bobblysock following along doubtfully and cautiously!

Despite their innocent enjoyment of all the park has to offer, Claude and Bobblysock cause a ruckus when they get caught up with some joggers, and are reprimanded by the park keeper for napping in the flowers.They try to redeem themselves by filling in holes in a funny sort of field littered with small white balls.They also help keep the park clean by picking up litter.All good! except for the sign that says "WET PAINT" that is attached to a park bench.

They are forgiven by all when they stop a runaway baby buggy from splashing into a pond and receive free tickets to the nearby circus.Arriving early to the next performance, the two friends think they are helping when they sweep all the sawdust into a big pile in the center of the floor, polish the trapeze, and give the high wire a once-over with a damp cloth.After the circus acts flop, Claude and Sir Bobblysock save the day with a few tricks of their own.

The illustrations, also by Alex T. Smith, are excellent.As a teacher, I would like to see this published in a larger format so that the pictures could be easily viewed by a group of ten or more. (reviewed by Carly D. Karns, Music Teacher and Tutor, Alamance Christian School)

We can recommend this book (and its predecessor Claude In The City) as a delightful addition to the home, school, or public library.

DISCLOSURE:A complimentary copy of Claude at the Circus was provided by Peachtree Publishers for the purpose of our honest review. Opinions expressed are solely those of the reviewer. No compensation was received for this review.