"The author of the book, ´Jackie Beyond the Myth of Camelot´ is also the writer/producer of the PBS feature documentary ´Jackie Behind the Myth´. The film explores Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis as the celebrated first lady who transformed the White House into a magnificent stage for the performing arts and culture, and in her later years she became a distinguished literary editor.

The book ´Jackie Beyond the Myth of Camelot´ reveals in greater depth the genesis of her desire to elevate the understanding of the arts in America. Her plans included forming the first federal programs to fund diverse culture at the national level that later became the National Endowment for the Arts. K.L. Kelleher fully explores the role of her friendships with Isaac Stern, Andre Previn, Judith Jamison, George Plimpton, Louis Auchincloss, and dozens of other leaders in the arts. Many times Jackie would commissioned memoirs, provocative histories, and her deep knowledge of the performing arts was the inspiration for many of her books.

The book also explores Jackie´s dedication to establish the International Center for Photography, save the Egyptian temples from the floods caused by the construction of the High Aswan Dam, preserve and restore Grand Central Terminal, and support Diana Vreeland´s exhibtions at The Costume Museum. Jackie´s career as a literary editor reveals that her greatest gift to America was a tremendous lifting of the American spirit through art, music, culture and dance. All the authors Jackie edited are fully explored in Kelleher´s book."