"An important reference to students, researchers, and practitioners."—Booklist The definitive reference in child psychology and development

The acclaimed Handbook of Child Psychology, Fifth Edition spans the entire field of child development. Since the First Edition reached the shelves more than six decades ago, the Handbook has been child psychology's definitive sourcebook, encyclopedia, and research review guide. The four volumes comprising the Fifth Edition offer in-depth coverage of every social, emotional, perceptual, moral, cognitive, linguistic, and applied aspect of child psychology. Whether you are a practitioner in human development, psychology, sociology, anthropology, or cognitive sciences; or an educator, policymaker, parent, or student, the Handbook of Child Psychology, Fifth Edition is a must-have reference.

Praise for the Fifth Edition:

"Without a doubt, the editors] have successfully carried on the tradition of summarizing what is the most important subfield of the behavioral sciences in an authoritative, comprehensive, and timely fashion. The series editor and volume editors have assembled the best individuals to write for the volumes. . . . For the future generations of developmentalists, these chapters will serve as a time capsule of sorts that accurately documents the status and nature of developmental and child psychology at the turn of the millennium."—Child Development Abstracts & Bibliography

"Now in its fifth edition, this handbook should still be considered a standard reference work in the field of developmental psychology. It reflects previously established scholarly traditions of utilizing editors who are renowned in their areas of expertise. It has evolved into a useful tool for undergraduates, graduates, practitioners, and researchers, and provides authoritative coverage and in-depth analysis of both theoretical and practical topics." —American Reference Books Annual