AS SEEN IN "THE AGE" (Australian Newspaper) and HIGH PROFILE BLOG "

A humourous insight into the life of a father of two young boys, Rob writes about the ups the downs, the struggles and the laughs. Through a series of short stories Rob’s sense of humour, his honesty and the occasional meltdown brings you into a very relatable world.

Read about the typical day in the life of a dad, find out how Rob deals with his boys peeing on the toilet seat (waterboarding – really?), what happens when he goes out for a rare night out, what happens when he kicks a soccer ball into the face of a friend’s child and what happens when he leaves his child alone in a hotel room.

Rob doesn’t always get it right but he is open and honest and understands that there are dads out there just like him – trying their best.

His wish is that after reading "Daddy on Duty" fellow dads will realise, they are not alone.