This was a good story about a child, "Baby D", who had been adopted and then given back to her abusive biological parents. I did have a major problem with this book, I don't really understand how this is a YA book. Most of the main characters are teenagers, but that doesn't matter. The murders of innocent children were written about so casually in graphic enough detail to be quite disturbing.
Of course I'm not going to tell who Baby D is, and after a while I got tired of the story and really started not to care who she actually was. Returning to town 18 years later to seek revenge on all those who stole the life that she was supposed to have became quite annoying after a spell. Lots of red herrings here. The formula of the book was also eye-roll inducing. It alternates between regular chapters and chapters focused on Baby D, Baby D must have been said a quatillion times, along with the word yeah. Heres an example of what I mean:

"Baby D would have given anything to push Dennis' little girl even higher than her mommy was pushing her. Yeah. Baby D wanted to push Baby D's little girl so high that she would fly right out of Baby D's swing and go soaring across the yard until she landed head first on the concrete walkway cracking her little skull, yeah."

Yeah, came after every single sentence that Baby D said or thought. Baby D's gonna do this. Yeah. Baby D did that. Yeah. Baby D would get even. Yeah. Baby D was cheated. Yeah. Baby D would make them pay. Yeah. ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG! Yeah.