From the dust jacket: In Kantor's new novel, The Noise of Their Wings, the text is from Audubon, the dream from Emerson. As the reader turns the pages of this book, he will be overwhelmed by a sound which has not existed within our generation: the aerial pulse of pigeon wings, the journey-roar of wild doves which once filled American skies.
The Noise of Their Wings is the story of a single passion ruling the life of Edward Starke, whose wealth was the tool of his ferocious ambition. he sought to restore the passenger pigeons to America.This novel follows Starke and his daughter his friend through the amazing seventy-hour climax of their lives.
Here is a book which should appeal to readers of many tastes. It is superbly written; it is full of excitement and action; its characters are vital and varied; the motivation powerful. The scene is in Florida—the west coastal keys where Mr. Kantor now makes his home. "At three o'clock of an April morning," the tale begins, "Flight Seven was approaching Jacksonville..."