This book is for anyone who wants to learn how to build rich and interactive Microsoft ASP.NET web sites. With the knowledge you gain from this book, you create a great foundation to build any type of web site, ranging from simple hobby-related web sites to sites you may be creating for commercial purposes. Using this book's step-by-step format you'll learn to: Obtain, install, and customize Visual Web Developer (VWD) 2008create a new web site and how to add new pages to it.use the numerous tools in VWD to create HTML and ASP.NET pagesuse the VWD tools and CSS, the language that is used to format web pagesWhat ASP.NET server controls are, what they are used for, and how to use themprogram web pages Visual Basic or C#create consistent-looking pages through the use of master pages, skins, and themesbuild the navigation structure of your sitecreate and use User Controls and enhance them to repeat content like menus and bannersaccept, validate, and process user input and send e-mail from your ASP.NET web applicationcreate good looking, flicker free web page interaction with ASP.NET Ajaxthe basics of SQL, the language used access and alter data in a databaseuse the database tools found in Visual Web Developeruse the ASP.NET data controls to create an interface for your users to interact with your application's datause LINQ to SQL to access SQL Server databases without writing a lot of manual codechange the visual appearance of your data through the use of control stylesinteract with the data-bound controls and speed up your applicationuse the security ASP.NET features to create user accounts, distinguish between anonymous and logged on users, and manage the users in your systemcreate personalized web pages with content targeted at individual usersfind and fix problems with VWD debugging toolsdeploy and run your final web site