Get on board with this one.

I was utterly absorbed in this book.

I had planned to finally weed the garden today, (seriously, the situation is dire. You could film Survivor at my house). But did I? No I did not. Instead, I spent the day sprawled out on the lounge room floor with a box of Oreos and K-Pax.
Seeing as I haven't seen the movie I was able to get into the mystery of Prot's story. It really did keep me guessing the whole way through. I bounced between, ‘Aww. The poor, poor nutta’, and ‘Yep, Alien for sure’, before finally deciding that I didn’t actually care whether or not Prot was from another plant so as long as he kept making me laugh. Mostly by his fruit consumption.

I realise that this review isn’t particularly helpful to anyone wanting a summary of the plot or whatever. I even think calling this a ‘review’ is a giant stretch of the imagination. But nonetheless, I urge you to read it.

And if you happen to be in a position to set yourself up on the floor with a box or Oreos while doing it, then so much the better.